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Hundreds of Prompts
The Storyometer contains an ever–growing resource of questions proven to lead writers towards fully-realized Characters and well-crafted Plots.
Thousands of Ideas
In addition to its questions, this pocket muse features a seemingly bottomless well of sample answers to its prompts – ideas that can be easily selected and edited.
Customized Characters 
You can choose to have variables in the Storyometer's selectable ideas automatically swapped out for your own story's Character names!
Auto Generation 
For writers and improv actors, the Storyometer can automatically pick from its treasure trove of ideas with a quick button tap.
Organized Notes 
Create as many projects as you want within the Storyometer, each with multiple note pages that can be organized under various helpful categories.
Outline Export
To share your categorized notes or use them with your main creative writing software,  you can quickly email the notes as a formatted outline.
  The Ideas Menu
Find a Source
Starting with a blank page? In the Ideas Menu – the heart of the Storyometer – you can brainstorm sources for your Characters and/or Concepts.
Develop the Details
"What Does the Protagonist Want?" is just the beginning. Go here for many more prompts and suggestions that will help you flesh out both your Characters and nascent Plots.
What Happens?
Brainstorm your plot here, where you'll find ideas for Actions, Events, and Dialogue, including sub-sections for Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, and more.
Hook the Audience
Advanced writers can go here to check out strategies and techniques for creating Mystery, Suspesne, Tension, Surprise, Revelations, Uncertainty, Heightening, Symp
How is the Story Told?
Here, you get to explore framing devices, points of view, time manipulation, narration,  exposition tactics, pacing, description style, voice and tone, and other options that will determine how your story is told.
More Questions to Consider...
This part of the Storyometer harbors miscellaneous advice, do’s and dont’s, and other tips. As with everything in the app, we'’ll keep updating the content as long as the Storyometer lives!